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Too wet to beg?

Oklahoman Published: June 10, 2013

While driving north on Rockwell on Tuesday, I noticed a middle-aged woman holding a sign advertising an oil change special. One block from her was a young man who appeared to be about 25 and in good health. He was also carrying a sign but his said he was homeless and he wanted you to give him some money. The next day I drove by that same spot and found the woman dressed in a rain suit and on the job. To my astonishment, the beggar was nowhere to be found! I can only assume that the previous day was a good one and he had secured enough money. Or he was no longer homeless. Or he was just too lazy to get out in the rain and beg.

This was a wakeup call for me since both people were holding signs but only one was willing to get a job and work during inclement weather. If you ever find yourself wanting to help some needy person, look for the lady advertising an oil change and give her the money you would have given those fair weather panhandlers.

Donald D. Meyer, Oklahoma City


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