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Top 5 Ways to Reuse a CD Spindle

Published on NewsOK Published: January 1, 2013

3. Hanging storage.

I love this idea, and it’s perfect for a work station or craft area. Again, remove the actual spindle and then screw the base, upside down, to the ceiling (or underside of a desk or table, etc). Now, you’ll be able to fill the domed top with supplies and then pop it into place, and voila! Hanging storage bins, no need to hire a handyman.

4. Box light.

Learn how to turn a taller CD spindle into a lovely little desk lamp. This is an easy DIY with a really pretty result. I'm not sure if I am up to attempting DIY electrical work, so I might enlist the help of my local San Diego electrician.

5. Planter.

I’m a house plant person, so I’m always looking for more vessels to contain my beloved house plants. And these are perfect! You can use the domed top, flipped upside down with a hole drilled in the bottom, as a simple pot (decorate it if you desire). Or, you can remove the actual spindle and use the whole contraption to create a little terrarium. And finally, there are tutorials for how to turn a CD spindle into a hydroponic growing system (just Google around for them).

These are my top 5 favorites, but I want to hear from you. Got any other ideas of how you could reuse a CD spindle?

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