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Tornadic storm in Oklahoma leaves scientists in awe

BY BRYAN PAINTER Modified: February 12, 2009 at 12:01 pm •  Published: February 12, 2009


That helps them arrive at a "Degree of Damage.” That in turn leads them to an estimated wind speed and that directs them to a rating on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

This was a horrible, deadly tornado. A man was killed in the home that Foster and Smith said "is the worst we’ve seen.”

They will remember the loss of lives.

They will also remember other things they don’t normally see.

One was the disappearance of roofs and not just one or two.

"We couldn’t find even a shingle,” he said of the first home. ”I can’t find anything with this one and we had two others over there that were missing roofs.”

They will also not forget the way the day ended. Leaving Lone Grove, they went to Majestic Hills, a community, northeast of Lone Grove and just north of Ardmore.

There was substantial damage, including to the two-story home of the Pack family.

It was totally destroyed by what Foster and Smith rated as EF-4 damage with winds of 180 to 185 mph.


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