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Traffic Talk: Be smart, be aware of danger of smoking at the gas pump

Don Gammill: Smoking at the gas pump is taking a chance. That's why the signs say don't do it.
DON GAMMILL Published: March 11, 2013

In a related area, “Isn't there something around gas pumps about not using cellphones or getting in and out of your car while pumping gas?” a reader asked in an email a while back.

The answer is “yes.”

Both the cellphone and getting in and out of your car have to do with static electricity, which can produce a spark capable of igniting fumes while you are dispensing gasoline.

Yes, it can happen.

Just recently I read where a man was filling his vehicle while his small daughter sat buckled in the back seat. He opened the back door, dialed a number on his phone, then watched in horror as static electricity caused gas fumes at the tank to ignite and fill the inside of his vehicle with flames.

By the way ...

There is a happy ending to that story.

It just so happened that an off-duty fireman was nearby and saved the child and her father, who suffered some burns.

But he survived.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.


To learn about road construction projects throughout Oklahoma, go to and click on the “Traffic

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