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Traffic talk: Car lock ‘cliques' are entertaining

The simple act of locking up the car generates performances to remember
BY DON GAMMILL Published: March 28, 2011

It's not just that you lock your vehicle, it's how you do it. I didn't realize how much goes into that simple little action. Well, simple for most of us. But some people make it a performance worth watching.

Though I didn't intend to, I found myself enjoying the show recently in a post office parking lot while waiting for the wife to pick up a vacationing friend's mail.

You know, some people are pretty creative — and entertaining — when it comes to activating the security locks on their vehicles. These were the most popular “styles” I witnessed:

Speedy: From the time the vehicle came to a stop and the engine shut down, it was rapid movement. The driver quickly opened the door, got out, shut the door, then clicked the remote lock while jogging to the door of the post office. The chirp of the locking sequence was rapid as well. Time for entire performance: About 10 seconds.

Relaxed: This driver was in no apparent hurry. After he slowly exited his pickup, he walked toward the front of the post office, then stopped, turned as if he were going back to his truck and pressed his remote button. Time from arrival to entry: About 20 seconds.

Frazzled: You fairly easily can tell when someone's running behind. They drop everything, or nothing works right. This lady quickly wheeled into the parking spot, crooked. She left the engine running as she got out and shut the door, dropping her handful of mail onto the parking lot. She retrieved the mail, stood up and nearly tripped on the curb. She was one of those who carries a remote other than on the key ring and pressed the button as she started inside. The remote didn't set. It took two more tries before she turned, shaking her head, and hurried inside. Time: About 15 seconds.

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