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Traffic talk: Car lock ‘cliques' are entertaining

The simple act of locking up the car generates performances to remember
BY DON GAMMILL Published: March 28, 2011

Stylist No. 1: A young woman in a small foreign car. She appeared to have things in order ... herself, her mail. As she walked toward the door, she raised her arm and pointed back over a shoulder and pressed. One little horn honk. Very neat. Time: Around 10 seconds.

Stylist No. 2: An older gentleman, well dressed, every hair in place, smiling. He stepped out of his midsized sedan, closed the door and started inside. Then, he lifted his left arm, and did a cross-body with his right, clicking from under his left. Nice move. Time: 12 seconds.

Here-a-while-guy: I almost felt sorry for this guy, but it was hard not to at least grin at his situation. I've been there. A little past middle age, he had a remote which resembled one I had years ago. He stepped out, shut the door and pointed the remote at the car. He pressed it. Nothing happened. He moved closer and tried again. Nope. He moved all around the car, trying to get it to lock. Finally, after he had tried every angle he could think of, he just opened the door and pushed the lock, then closed it. Time: right at 2 minutes.

By the way ...

I left before Here-a-while-guy came back out. I hope his key worked and he was able to get back in. I also hope he realized that particular remote operates on a watch battery.

Like I said, I've been there. And it was show time for me, too.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.


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