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Traffic Talk: Clogged (traffic) arteries require flow improvements

Don Gammill: Could one more good turn lane be the solution?
BY DON GAMMILL Published: April 29, 2013

Northbound vehicles approaching NW 23 have, as you note, three choices: (1) turn left; (2) continue north through the light onto Santa Fe Avenue; (3) move over to the right-turn-only lane.

Directly opposite, southbound vehicles on Santa Fe can (1) enter a left-turn-only lane; (2) continue through the light, under the overpass and up the ramp to get onto I-235 southbound; or (3) turn right on NE 23.

Now, think about the northbound side.

If you were to convert the right-turn-only lane, it would be a right turn, straight ahead, left turn lane. The left turn lane would become left turn only.

Southbound vehicles, as things are now, can turn left as the same time northbound vehicles turn left. The change would require those facing south on Santa Fe but wanting to turn left onto NE 23 to wait on a signal.

The exit ramp from I-235 northbound to NE 23 is a long one, but it also has a heavy traffic flow that fills it up. Changing one lane at this time most likely wouldn't solve the problem.

By the way ...

Improvements along NE 23 already have resulted in increased traffic. With more improvements coming, expect even more vehicles.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.

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