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Traffic Talk: Drive happy; drive safely

Don Gammill: Are happy drivers better drivers?
By DON GAMMILL Published: July 30, 2012

Mental pictures came to me of smiling drivers, waving at others rather than honking their horns, lifting a finger off the steering wheel to say “hi” rather than using another finger to signal displeasure and someone motioning another to go first.

“Driving happy means being more peaceful,” I said. “Driving mad is about a step away from road rage, and there are plenty of statistics to show that road rage is dangerous.

“So I would say the happy, feel-good driver is potentially less dangerous. What do you think?”

He said: “It depends. I've seen normally happy people drive real mad. It's like they're on a mission and ‘get the heck out of my way.' I've seen others who start out mad and get madder.

“So I have an idea. Let's all just take a minute and take a breath, then calm down and drive right. Be happy, be safer.”

Then, he finished with this.

“I know you really don't have all the answers, and I don't either. But share that thought with your column readers.”

You know what? I think I just did.

By the way ...

Here's a happy wish for a special lady in my house, who's special day is today.

Happy birthday, Becky.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.