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Traffic Talk: Drivers' ideas for traffic safety improvements redirected to officials

Don Gammill: Oklahoma City may not be the largest city in the nation, but it has thousands of miles of streets and roadway that eventually do need attention.
BY DON GAMMILL Published: April 8, 2013

Essentially, people make the right turn and cut in front of westbound Highway 9 traffic that has the right of way when the light is green.

Every time we are in the area, we watch as westbound Highway 9 traffic that has the right of way has to battle the people making the right turn from the exit to avoid having an accident.

The people making the right turn on the continuous green arrow do not even seem to be aware that they are pulling in front of traffic that has the right of way.


Officials at the state Transportation Department say the continuous green arrow was set up that way in November 2007 to help alleviate the problem of traffic backing up on the exit ramp and onto I-35. They say the continuous green arrow is successful in keeping traffic off the ramp and off southbound I-35, reducing the delay to motorists.

In fact, they note that accidents on the ramp also have decreased since November 2007. We all know that it's never a safe situation when traffic is stopped on an interstate.

Initially, the transportation department was responsible for the design and construction of this intersection, including the traffic signals. Once it was installed, however, the maintenance and operation of the traffic signal becomes the responsibility of the city of Newcastle. The transportation department officials believe that, considering all aspects at this intersection, the continuous green arrow is the safest option.

By the way ...

City, county and state staffs really do appreciate hearing about areas that need improvement, or ideas that can make travel on their streets and highways safer and better.

As stated previously, there are thousands of miles of pavement that from time to time need repair. And there just might be an idea out there that really could make a difference for all of us.

Keep 'em coming.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.