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Traffic Talk: Exit signs on I-40 to be moved to proper lanes

Don Gammill: Signs for the Tulsa exit will be moved to proper location over traffic lanes on I-40, the Oklahoma Transportation Department said.
By DON GAMMILL, Published: June 3, 2013

Let's finish the trip on Interstate 40 that we started last week. If you remember, Tim commented and asked very important questions about some highway signage.

The overhead sign on Interstate 40 West near Penn needs to be moved two lanes to the left! The Amarillo arrows point to lanes that become exit only to Tulsa. ... I'm seeing much last minute lane changing on I-40 West at the Tulsa exit. Drivers following the erroneous Amarillo sign find out at the last minute it is a Tulsa exit lane only. Drivers seeking the Tulsa exit avoid the proper mismarked lanes and instead get in the right lanes that end. I wouldn't think it would take any new materials to move this sign two lanes to the left.


The state Transportation Department agrees Tim.

Here's the word from Brenda Perry in the media and public information office at ODOT:

She says department engineers found that “the sign does need to be moved over because it no longer lines up with the correct lane.

“We have another sign to add ... and had been trying to do all of it at the same time, since we have to close lanes for this work, but since that hasn't been possible yet, our engineer will go ahead and schedule the work for the contractor to move the sign over.”

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