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Traffic Talk: Hot weather brings 'cool' comments on roads

Don Gammill: Readers praise those responsible for road improvements.
By DON GAMMILL Published: July 9, 2012

Tom, Yukon

I'm sure all agencies involved appreciate your praise, Tom.

They certainly heard a great deal of negative comments from motorists and others while preparing for and working through that project.

I would like to thank OG&E (streetlight planning folks) for their help in regard to the new streetlights that have recently been installed on S Western between SW 59 and Interstate 240. I also understand that new paving for this same section on S Western will begin soon. I must say it is well overdue. Thanks to all the Oklahoma City planning folks that had a part in getting this off the ground.

Dick, Oklahoma City

On their behalf, Dick, thank you.

By the way ...

If you have some kinds words you would like to send out to a municipal, county or state highway crew, department, or someone responsible for improving a transportation situation, feel free to do so. You can call or write. All are appreciated.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.