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Traffic Talk: Merging from turnpike into heavy traffic causes concern

Don Gammill: Can help at Kilpatrick Turnpike exit onto Memorial Road
By DON GAMMILL Published: August 20, 2012

Exiting a turnpike or super highway can be a challenge when it involves entering a heavily traveled roadway. It's often trouble for those already on that roadway as well as when those leaving the turnpike/highway try to jump lanes immediately.

I would like to know when the city, state, or turnpike authority is going to do something about putting up some concrete barriers at the westbound John Kilpatrick Turnpike off-ramp for Pennsylvania Avenue. People are coming off the ramp and are immediately trying to turn right into the (retail shopping) parking area. ... I have nearly had three accidents there traveling west on Memorial Road, and the last one involved a mother with a young child in the rear passenger-side baby seat. If I would not have been able to stop, I would have T-boned the vehicle right by where the child was seated. Something needs to be done like they did at the Northwest 39 Expressway and the Interstate 44 westbound on-ramp.


Well, Harry, there apparently is nothing such planned at this time, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the city of Oklahoma City tell me.

The location you're talking about, the off-ramp at the Penn-Memorial intersection, is partly under the turnpike agency's jurisdiction and part under the city's control. The roadway at Northwest 39 Expressway and I-44 involves the city and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. That doesn't decide where a barrier is or is not used, however. It's dependent upon several factors.

I have gone through both of those intersections within the past week. Whereas those exiting off the Kilpatrick have a pretty clear view of traffic that is approaching from behind, those turning westbound onto Northwest 39 Expressway from I-44 have some obstruction.

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