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Traffic Talk: National Ride to Work Day

Don Gammill: Motorcycles get the spotlight during special recognition event
By DON GAMMILL, Published: June 17, 2013

Odds are, you'll see more motorcycles on the road today than you would on a normal business day. Their numbers might not be as high as on a Saturday or Sunday, but still, expect to encounter more of them.

It's National Ride to Work Day for motorcyclists, when two- and three-wheelers are in the spotlight. It's also a time for drivers of all vehicles to remember to pay attention and be safe.

“National Ride to Work Day illustrates the growing number of motorcyclists on our streets and how important it is for drivers of all types of vehicles to share the road,” Kevin Behrens, administrator/chairman of the Oklahoma Advisory Committee for Motorcycle Safety and Education, said last week.

Behrens urged all drivers, including motorcyclists, be aware of the flow on the busy morning and afternoon traffic routes.

The director of the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, Garry Thomas, added:

“We encourage all bikers to take advantage of training opportunities and be ‘geared up, trained up, ready to ride,'” he said.

The third Monday each June is designated Ride to Work Day. These days help show the large number of motorcyclists who work in communities throughout the country, as well as the possible economic and social benefits of motorcycling.

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