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Traffic Talk: New road will be better than resurfacing old roadway

Don Gammill: George Storm, Oklahoma City’s paving and surface coordinator, says part of S Portlland Avenue is being relocated to the east will “essentially parallel Interstate 44.”
By Don Gammill, Staff Writer Published: May 12, 2014

It’s definitely a rough road to travel, she says.

Here’s a spot going south that this reader notes is in need of some work. See what the city officials have to say about it.

Can you find out what the city is planning on doing with S Portland between SW 74 and SW 104? This section needs to be re-surfaced. Between SW 89 and SW 104 has big holes in the road and SW 89 between Portland and the highway is a dirt road and blocked off to traffic. I have asked the city and received no reply to my questions. Do you think you can find out?

— Sherry

I’m not sure who you talked to, Sherry, but here’s a quick update for you from George Storm, Oklahoma City’s paving and surface coordinator.

“In a nutshell, Portland is being relocated to the east and will essentially parallel Interstate 44,” he says.

“There should be evidence of this on the ground soon.”

The new roadway should be a better drive than the old one, don’t you think?

By the way...

A reader called recently with a concern/complaint heard frequently around this office and, I’m told, in local law enforcement and traffic safety circles.

“Can’t anyone do anything about those (expletive assuredly deleted)(followed by a second one, plural) who come rip-roaring down the road when obviously there is only one lane of cars up ahead moving, then butt in, causing others to have to hit the brakes or swerve hard to the curb to miss them?

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