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Traffic Talk: Oklahoma has website for motorcyclists

Don Gammill: Take a trip on the new state website to find information on motorcycles and related safety items.
By DON GAMMILL Published: February 4, 2013

This site was the result of a partnership between the Office of Management and Enterprise Services and

So check it out. Oh, and keep your eyes open and you just might see my friend enjoying his new wheels.

Ride, Bubba, ride.

In other areas ...

Why is speed limit in Oklahoma 70 and 75 in Texas and New Mexico?


Each state sets its speed limits, Dan, sometimes by statute, sometimes by agencies that have been granted authority to do so by that state.

In determining what a speed limit will be, they include road conditions, landscape, type of road and more.

You may have seen a sign giving a minimum speed. Those, too, are determined by various factors.

While some states (particularly in the western U.S.) believe their roadways are sufficient for faster speeds, others stay with slightly slower (generally in the east).

Can you remember when the federal government last set a nationwide limit?

It was 1974 to 1987. The feds set a 55 mph maximum speed. From what I see these days, many current drivers would have had a real problem with that number.

We'll have more on this later.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.