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Traffic Talk: Signs are posted, but are they read?

Don Gammill: Oklahoma drivers (and parkers) apparently fail to see or obey the posted signs.
By Don Gammill, Staff Writer Modified: August 25, 2014 at 11:00 am •  Published: August 25, 2014

I’m convinced we DO have a reading problem in Oklahoma. But it may be just as much of, if not more serious a problem among our adults than our children.

The basis for my belief? Here are some recent examples, all relating to driving (and parking).

While attempting to park at a local restaurant to pick up a call-in order, I noticed all the To-Go parking places (well marked) were filled. After finding a spot at the back of the building, I walked around front (noticing To-Go spots still occupied) and entered the restaurant. At the call-in location, there was no line. No one else ahead of me. I paid the bill, picked up the food and left. The four To-Go places were still full.

At a local grocery store, and later at a retail location, all handicapped clearly signed parking spots were filled. Yet only four vehicles displayed placards. At one of those locations, a man who appeared to be maybe 30s or early 40s, walked briskly from the store to his vehicle carrying one small bag. No sign of any impairment there.

A woman in a large SUV who obviously was in a hurry, passed me as we approached a blinking light at a school zone, never slowing down. Worse, she almost drove into a car with about four young people inside pulling into the school.

Add these instances to the normal amount per week of speeders, those who simply will NOT yield despite what the sign indicates, or those who will dare you to stop them from merging at the last minute.

Reading problem? Those who can’t, don’t, or won’t read or obey these signs need a little more education. A little driving — and parking — courtesy would be appreciated also.

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