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Traffic Talk: Sometimes Santa gets requests about road, traffic issues

Don Gammill: It's that special time of giving and receiving, as well as fulfilling Christmas wishes. Sometimes that's an easy road to travel. Other times, there are detours, bumps and a variety of similar obstacles.
By DON GAMMILL Published: December 24, 2012

If Santa Claus had to deliver gifts using Oklahoma's highways, he'd never get his job done. There are too many roads with slow speed limits and too many construction zones. You can't drive a consistent high speed anywhere. It's a good thing Santa uses a sleigh. — Terry

Note to Terry from Santa: “I've always preferred air travel, but not because of the conditions or slow speeds on Oklahoma roads, Terry. It's because the traffic is not as heavy and I don't have to deal with those who drive too fast.”

I'd like one special gift for Christmas, please. Can you teach everyone how to follow the law when it comes to yielding? I've never seen so many rude drivers, and dangerous. — Fred

I can only continue to write items about when you should yield and when you have to yield, Fred. It's like taking a horse to water, but not being able to make him drink. We can only hope the lesson will be learned.

And what would a Christmas wish list be without this annual gem?

Mary still wants a law that allows left turns on red, like right turn on red.

Santa still has the same response. Sorry, but no.

By the way ...

Have a great Christmas, but please don't turn left on red.

Enjoy your week and drive safely.


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