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Traffic Talk: Stay safe for Independence Day

Don Gammill: Bubba likes Independence Day, but … don't let him near the fireworks, especially around vehicles
By DON GAMMILL Published: July 1, 2013


But one of the worst incidents involved trying to fire missiles from a pickup at a roadside target — an old car. The missiles, which were designed to be fired from a stationary location while pointed upward, left a significant burn on the individual's hand as it sped toward the car, then exploded inside.

The fire began immediately. There was no way to put it out. Guess who it belonged to?


So if you have any ideas of trying any of these stunts, here's some advice. Don't.

Just enjoy the holiday the safer way. Watch a parade, have a barbecue, attend a picnic, go to a concert, play games, enjoy your family and friends.

Let those who have expertise in doing so handle the fireworks show. And if you happen to be at an event with some guy known as Bubba, don't let him near the matches.

He's not real good in a boat either. It's best not to let him out on the lake. Trust me.

If it moves, burns, or explodes, Bubba can be a problem.

By the way …

Expect a visual preference of law enforcement personnel during the holiday. They're there to keep you safe.

Enjoy your week, your holiday and drive safely.