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Traffic Talk: There are limitations to raising speed limits in Oklahoma

By DON GAMMILL Published: February 18, 2013

“Overall, the department facilitates more speed limit reduction requests than speed limit increases, which might indicate raising speed limits may not be warranted at this point.

“It is crucial to point out that even if legislation changes the maximum speed limits on roadways, that doesn't mean all speed limits will be raised to that level. The speed limit on each individual stretch of roadway will continue to be evaluated on an individual basis.

“It should also be pointed out that part of the discussion of raising or lowering speed limits will include a consideration of how severity of accidents can be affected by higher or lower speeds. In other words, high speeds can contribute greatly to the severity of an accident depending on the different circumstances and at times a five-mile increase in speeds can affect if the accident is severe or critical.”

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Here's the answer to the last part of your question.

“Currently, ODOT is not considering a speed increase,” Angier says. “However, if legislation is introduced to raise or lower maximum speed limits, ODOT will work with legislators to evaluate safety issues and concerns with speed limits changes.”

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