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‘Trailer Trashed' a fun summer read

By Dennie Hall Published: August 3, 2008
Sometimes, maybe in the heat of summer, a reader tires of heavy reading that requires thought and concentration. Something light and unburdened by doses of politics, human suffering, philosophy or governmental or corporate corruption seems to be welcomed.

Such a diversion can be found in Hollis Gillespie's new book, "Trailer Trashed: My Dubious Efforts Toward Upward Mobility” (The Globe Pequot Press, $21.95).

Gillespie, who has a reputation for writing that is funny and zesty as well as touching, doesn't disappoint in "Trailer Trashed” or any of her other writing. Another of her books, "Confessions of a Recovering Slut” was described in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as "a very trippy trip through Gillespie's head, rendered in glittery, jangly, spectacularly vulgar prose.”

The author by no means implies that people living in mobile homes are trash. Instead, she is mainly telling the story of how her family lived in various places — with wheels or otherwise — and her father sold trailers that had been trashed. She says she has lived in conventional homes that were smaller and less convenient than many of the double-wides.

The book's collection of essays introduces the reader to Gillespie's siblings, Kim, Cheryl and Jim, and her three best friends, Larry, Daniel and Grant. Her daughter Milly, "the happy accident,” also gets space.

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