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Trains in place before current residents

Published: August 14, 2013

After reading “Sounding off on railway crossings” (News, Aug. 8), I have one question: Which came first, the train or the residents? I suspect the train was there first and the buildings came later. I have no sympathy for people who buy or rent near train tracks or any other site that creates loud noises. For the homeowners, if they need to complain, then direct their complaints to the real estate agents who sold them on living next to the tracks, not the train companies. The trains have been in this country a lot longer than the residents living next to the tracks. Buyers should be informed that the home they're about to purchase is located near or next to sites that produce excessive amount of noise, such as airports, military installations or even train tracks. And this should also pertain to anyone renting or leasing.

City and town councils should enact ordinances that limit how close developers are allowed to build homes or businesses next to or near sites that produce high levels of noise, but this will never happen when it comes to generating extra taxes. If the city passes the railroad “quiet zone” and a vehicle is hit at a crossing inside the zone, who'll get the blame? It won't be the driver of the vehicle. It never is.

I've lived next to military installations and train tracks for a number of years. They don't bother me. If you don't like the noise, relocate.

Larry Layton, Duncan


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