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Trim calories without trimming flavor at Green and Grilled in Oklahoma City

The Food Dude features dining out without endangering your health.
by Dave Cathey Modified: January 9, 2013 at 12:59 am •  Published: January 9, 2013

The result is a simple menu featuring soups, salads, grilled proteins and plenty of fresh fruit. Don't look for bacon-laden cheeseburgers or pork slow-cooked in its own fat at Green and Grilled — save that stuff for one meal a week. What you will find is grilled pork, chicken, steak or tofu served with carrot rice, spinach rice, sliced avocados or steamed potatoes with salt.

“I'm really proud of how many clean plates we get when kids come in,” Suarez said. “If you give kids good options, you'll be surprised how they react.”

Kids can choose from smaller portions of meat with vegetables and fresh fruit. Suarez said they may look at adding wraps to the menu later this year.

Striking a balance

If you're trying to slow your roll toward morbid obesity, Green and Grilled is a fantastic place to keep you on track. Add it to places such as Coolgreens, The Red Cup, Ceviche, El Pollo Chulo and Matthew Kenney that lean heavily toward healthy eating. Ceviche House and Inca Trail aren't far behind, and most Asian restaurants offer excellent balance.

Meanwhile, if you do find yourself parked at a favorite restaurant that bears partial responsibility to any unwanted love handles, take control. Most restaurants offer dishes that will keep you from backtracking on your way to better eating.

On my recent visit to Abel's, 5822 NW 50 St., chef Santos Flores served an absolutely spectacular platter of fresh fruit, elegantly carved and lightly coated in simple syrup with a dash of red chile blend. Then he presented a mango smoothie flavored with Salsa Chamoy. The Chamoy, a mixture of pickled fruits and chiles, packs the drink with sweet, salty and sour elements that might make you wonder if it were concocted by Willy Wonka. More please. Pair fresh fruit with one of Abel's fish dishes and give the basket of chips and bottomless salsa the Heisman, and you can get out of a feastatorium like Abel's in pretty decent shape.

Or you can eat lunch at Green and Grilled all week then treat yourself to Tacos Calvillo at Abel's on Sunday.

To learn more

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