TRS audit findings amount to so much dribble

Published: November 6, 2013

Regarding “Audit reveals purchase card abuse” and “Pay raise? No, thanks” (News, Oct. 31): Has anyone connected these two articles? If the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System (TRS) can produce a 17.8 percent rate of return, which is among the top-performing pension plans in the country, why would anyone listen to the dribble about door prizes at retiree conferences, Quiznos gift cards and the $348.25 spent to cater an employee meeting?

Joe Ezzell has worked at TRS for years and has been instrumental in the significant growth in revenues for teachers' retirement. As a retired educator, I clearly remember when the TRS was raided, with promises to repay the money taken, which never happened. Perhaps Gov. Mary Fallin has sent Preston Doerflinger, director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, to TRS in order to fund raises at other state agencies. There's a fox in the TRS henhouse!

Chris Baker, Oklahoma City

Doerflinger's office uncovered instances of abuse of agency purchase cards by TRS employees, among other findings. Doerflinger is a trustee for TRS. Ezzell is interim director of the agency.

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