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Try This: Bone Marrow and Bone Marrow Luge

Erica Millar, of Norman, asked to try bone marrow for the first time, and Ludivine Restaurant in Oklahoma City saw to it her wish came true.
by Dave Cathey Published: February 29, 2012

After finishing the marrow, Erica handled the bone luge with aplomb while Kyle plodded to clunky completion in two takes. Both recommended the marrow and the luge.

The only real hurdle for bone marrow is the idea that you're cleaning out the center of the bone. When my family assured me the practice was gross, I reminded them eating the marrow is efficient and hardly different from eating any other part of an animal.

The consistency of bone marrow isn't unlike foie gras, with some of the same richness. Don't get me wrong: Bone marrow is not foie gras, but it's the closest comparison I could think of.

Ludivine serves two bone halves and the condiments as an appetizer, which is perfect. It's rich enough that a full meal might be excessive, but it's hearty enough to make one consider sharing an entree or dessert rather than eating one alone.

If you're interested in bone marrow and the luge, call Ludivine at 778-6800 for reservations.

If there is a dish you've never tried or should have, or an exotic dish served locally you'd like to try for the first time and are willing to sample on camera, email or call 475-3155.

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