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Tulsa's Charles Clay cutting grass until NFL lockout is settled

Former Golden Hurricane standout was a sixth-round pick by the Dolphins in the NFL Draft. But he hasn't gone to work for them yet.
By Omar Kelly, Sun Sentinel Published: June 17, 2011

The waiting game is what we're all playing during the NFL's work stoppage, which is caused by a weakened economy, and overall greed. Most believe the NBA's headed for the same fate in the coming weeks.

With the unemployment rate rising last month in 13 states during this recession it's hard to shed a tear for professional athletes, especially those who make more in one game check than some families receive in a year. Still, many are indeed struggling as a result of the lockout.

“I just want to get there. When I get there is when I'll feel like an NFL player,” said Clay, who scored 28 touchdowns during his college career. “Technically I just feel like a student who graduated.”

Clay is a promising employee simply looking for work in his field — it just happens to be a football field.

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