Two artists have works at remodeled gallery in Edmond

Works by David Phelps and Kevin Tero are on view at the University of Central Oklahoma's Melton Gallery.
Oklahoman Published: November 30, 2012

Tero is showing his oil paintings in the new gallery space he was instrumental in designing.

Also slightly surreal, Tero's technically well-handled paintings offer us close-up, often aerial depictions of plants, fruit, bugs, butterflies and, doughnuts. A doughnut with purple icing in a white bowl, seen from directly above, provides a “Room for Two” blue-winged butterflies, in one of his most engaging works.

Black beetles seem “Glazed and Confused” by their success in devouring a maple-topped doughnut, while a monarch butterfly makes a “Nice Landing” on a chocolate doughnut.

Other wordplay titled works by Tero include an oil of a striped crawler demonstrating the “Folly of Youth” on orange sections, and a painting of watermelon sections with gray “Moths to Feed.”

On view along with selected works by UCO students, the show is recommended viewing.

— John Brandenburg