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Two 'Spider-Man' stars are comic-book neophytes

BY DENNIS KING For The Oklahoman Published: July 17, 2012

Maybe it's a generational thing, but two of the key actors in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” the first in Marvel Comics' fledgling new round of summer blockbusters, have never read the comic books that inspired the superhero series.

In the current “reboot” of the iconic pulp action series about teenage Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his transformation into the web-slinging crime fighter, Martin Sheen, 71, has the role of Parker's wise but tragically fated Uncle Ben, and Sally Field, 65, plays the teen's sympathetic and long-suffering Aunt May.

But during press interviews hosted by Columbia Pictures for the film's release, the two veteran actors sheepishly admitted that they were naive newcomers to the Spider-Man mythology and had never read the comics as kids.

“I read Little LuLu comics, and I haven't seen them make those into a movie yet,” said Field. “That was my girl. I loved comic books; I was a real comic book freak when I was a kid, except they were the girl ones like Archie and Veronica. I read all of those.

“But my brother, who is a world-renowned physicist, used to read all of the superhero comics,” she said. “He's so excited about this movie. Finally, he feels I've arrived because I'm in this movie. I'm familiar with the ‘Spider-Man' movies, but I had never read the comic books and still haven't to this day.”

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