Ty Hensley talks about the job of a pitcher

Former Edmond Santa Fe standout was taking the first round of last summer's draft by the New York Yankees.
by Bryan Painter Published: January 5, 2013

It's important to hold people on, because if they steal that bag and you just get like a little bloop hit, it's a run you could have saved.

Please tell me about the importance of a pitcher holding runners on and the importance of Pitcher Fielding Practice (PFP).

I've learned in pro ball, probably not the easy way, but I made a few mistakes in a couple of games with PFP. Honestly I hadn't been doing them enough. They're really important because if you get a ball back to you, that's just a free out. You did your job, you threw the right pitches to the hitter and all you've got to do is just make a nice easy throw over there. But sometimes as pitchers you want to make it more complicated than it is. PFPs are really important to practice and perfect so when you're in that situation you don't make any mistakes where you throw it 50 feet over the guy's head into the stands. Really the most important thing is probably footwork, just making sure we're taking all the right angles to the bases we're supposed to go to, we're really squaring up to where we're trying to throw the ball and making a nice, clean accurate throw.

by Bryan Painter
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