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Uber ride-for-hire service continues to draw scrutiny in Oklahoma City

Frustrated taxi and limo service operators want Oklahoma City police to ticket Uber drivers, but city officials are taking a cautious approach to dealing with the app-based ride-for-hire program.
by Randy Ellis Published: November 19, 2013

Roger Andrews, manager of Oklahoma City's competing Yellow Cab Co., told commissioners Uber and its drivers should follow the same ordinances as everyone else.

“We've been operating for 50 or 60 years under the taxicab ordinances of Oklahoma City, and it's very simple — they're in violation,” Andrews said.

“If we start operating like they do next week, does that mean that we won't have to get permits and licenses anymore? We don't have to have our drivers drug-tested and do background checks and check their driving records and things like that? We want a level playing field, OK? And right now it's not even close.”

Andrews said police officers should start issuing tickets.

Joey Allen, the Oklahoma City general manager of a limousine service called Kings Worldwide Transportation, said he also thinks Uber drivers are violating city ordinances and should be ticketed.