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Uncle on fast track to bankruptcy

Oklahoman Published: December 30, 2012

My uncle has a great income but he's flat broke. He's maxed out on his credit cards but somehow when he needs another one they approve him. He's generous to a fault, always picking up the tab for dinner, even though he's probably in the worst financial shape of anyone at the table. He has no spending discipline; if he wants something, he just whips out the credit card and buys it! His “friends” are constantly taking advantage of him. Even if he stopped his crazy spending right now, it would take decades to pay off all of his debt. He's on the fast track to bankruptcy but doesn't seem to care; it's like he doesn't think it can happen to him.

My uncle's name is Sam. By the way, he has about 315 million other nieces and nephews. But like I said, he has plenty of income; his is just a spending problem.

Stu Young, Edmond

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