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University of Oklahoma sues Dallas man over cybersquatting claim

The University of Oklahoma is suing a Dallas man who officials say violated the university's intellectual property rights by registering an Internet domain name to sell it for a profit later. Hugh Michael Glenn, 43, said he was using the domain name for legitimate purposes.
by Silas Allen Published: February 12, 2013

“It should be self-explanatory,” he said.

But the lawsuit alleges the business advertised on the site doesn't exist, and the site was established to create the impression that Glenn was using the site for a legitimate purpose.

The lawsuit includes a screenshot of the site dated Sept. 17, 2012. At that time, the webpage included only a silhouette of a longhorn, similar to the logo used by the University of Texas Longhorns. The site included the words “Go Longhorns!!! This domain is for sale.” The site included Glenn's phone number.

OU officials sent Glenn a cease-and-desist letter on Sept. 17. In the letter, officials demanded Glenn stop using and offering to sell the domain name, turn over records of any money he received through the use of the site and transfer the domain name to the university.

According to the lawsuit, Glenn later that month removed his contact information from the site and deleted the portion of the text that said the domain was for sale. The lawsuit alleges Glenn made those changes only to avoid a lawsuit.

On Sept. 25, Glenn again changed the website to remove any reference to longhorns and replaced it with a message about an upcoming announcement about an eldercare service, according to the lawsuit.

A month later, Glenn changed the site to advertise an online eldercare network, according to the lawsuit.

OU spokeswoman Catherine Bishop would not comment on the case.