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UW QB says ejection is something to learn from

Associated Press Published: October 9, 2012

That penalty came after Smith removed his helmet while walking off the field. Moments earlier, officials had waived a defensive holding penalty that would have resulted in a UW first down.

"I have a huge issue when you get a personal foul after scoring a touchdown, Christensen said. "I would like to think that we expect to score, so we would behave in such a way. Other than that, there is nothing else that happened that we need to talk about. There's nothing there. I can't say a whole lot, because they can suspend me and fine me. All I'm telling you is he was punished for celebrating in the end zone. He didn't do anything else."

Wyoming offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon has spoken at length about Smith's style of play. The quarterback, he says, plays with a linebacker's mentality. On Saturday that got Smith into trouble for the first time.

"You can't do that," Brandon tells the Casper Star-Tribune ( "Especially as a quarterback. A quarterback is held to a higher degree of accountability and responsibility than any other position on the team. You don't ask your right guard to take your team down the field. With that territory comes a set of rules that he has to understand."

Smith said he understands those rules better now.

"As the quarterback, a big thing that comes with that position is having emotional stability, because the team looks at you," he said. "If you're in a position of leadership and you're flying off the handle, what is the team supposed to do?"