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VA scandal has been onging since at least the 1970s

Oklahoman Published: June 29, 2014

bipartisan scandal

Regarding “VA is challenged on handling of whistleblower charges” (Associated Press, June 24): How much is enough? This scandal has been ongoing and bipartisan since at least the 1970s. Whistleblowers have always been slammed and harassed at the VA. Vets have always been ignored, warehoused and denied through at least the Vietnam War era.

Forget firing the VA officials. They should be prosecuted for fraud, imprisoned and have every bit of their ill-gotten gains confiscated. As a very aggravated and somewhat radical veteran, I could make an argument that these self-centered jerks have committed treason by negatively impacting our volunteer military and thus affecting our national security. Severe penalties should be on the table for those administrators whose negligence resulted in the death of a veteran due to lack of care.

Robert Hanna, Choctaw