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By Dear Sam Modified: March 29, 2013 at 11:47 am •  Published: March 29, 2013


Add value to your experience section You are not presenting enough content in your professional experience section. Provide the reader with a summary of your jobs in a brief paragraph format followed by key highlights presented in bullet points. When presenting 10 years of professional experience, I would expect “full” sections that convey, just by appearance, some value. Reformat what you have, expound on the challenges and actions you faced, and showcase the results of your efforts.


Format to engage — Take some time to revitalize your dated résumé format. Take a look at sites like mine to glean ideas on up-to-date formatting techniques that compel readership and help overcome the appearance of limited experience and other potential disqualifiers.


Andrew, I am certain when you revamp your résumé into a tool more reflective of a modern résumé, you will be taken seriously as an accounting candidate and will get your foot in the door for opportunities of choice.

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