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Vanessa Minnillo Lachey: Nick Is Nesting More Than I Am

PARADE Modified: April 26, 2012 at 12:16 am •  Published: April 23, 2012
For Vanessa Lachey (formerly Minnillo), the idea of being a mom didn't just conjure up ideas of pastels, diapers, and first words; it also brought a heightened awareness of the world she was welcoming her first child into.

Celebrity Baby Bumps

"Very rarely do people talk about the emotional and mental changes [during pregnancy], and the worries that all of a sudden come from nowhere. You suddenly think about safeguarding the world for your children," says the Wipeout host, 31.

Cue the Proctor & Gamble "Take a Load Off" campaign she is helping launch, which promotes energy conservation through the simple change of washing clothes in cold water. "It was something I always did, but didn't understand the good that I was doing by using cold water to do laundry. It saves money and saves energy."

Post-Baby Slimdowns

Go to to enter the Take a Load Off sweepstakes for your chance to win a new high-efficiency washer and dryer set and a one-year supply of Tide Coldwater detergent.

Read on for more with Vanessa, who is expecting her first child with husband Nick Lachey later this year.

On trying to be green.
"Nick and I recycle. I always used cold water but I didn't understand I was saving 80% of my household's energy output by doing that. So I worked on educating myself and want to help educate others on simple household changes that can make a huge difference."

On how they split up household duties.
"One of the reasons of why I married him, along with all the other amazing qualities he has, is that he's such a great partner. We share a lot of duties. He's a good Cincinnati, mid-western boy. He does the dishes, he does his laundry, and we share all the duties in the house. We realize it's a partnership. It's not 50-50. It's 100% on my end and 100% on his end."

On baby cravings.
"I think it's important to let yourself indulge but what I eat, what I put into my body, goes directly to my baby. It makes you think, "Do I really want to get that Snickers bar snack or do I want to get a bowl of fruit?" So then I go for the fruit and the antioxidants. But of course I'm human and after we went out to dinner last night, I had a bowl of ice cream. After the baby is born, I still want to have me.

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