Grove Ridgerunners football


Record Home Away Win % PF PA
1 - 9 0 - 5 1 - 4 .100 154 388


Date Home/Away Opponent Win/Loss Score
2012-08-31 @ Miami W 26 - 13
2012-09-07 vs Jay L 26 - 27
2012-09-14 vs Wagoner L 14 - 51
2012-09-21 @ Tahlequah L 20 - 35
2012-09-28 vs Collinsville L 13 - 46
2012-10-05 @ Pryor L 14 - 44
2012-10-12 vs Tulsa East Central L 20 - 50
2012-10-18 vs Coweta L 7 - 48
2012-10-25 @ Tulsa Central L 7 - 40
2012-11-02 @ Claremore L 7 - 34


Rush Yds Rush Yds Game Pass Yds Pass Yds/Game Yards Total Yards/Game Pts Total Pts/Game
1379 137.9 1595 159.5 2974 297.4 154 15.4
Rush Yds Allow Allow Rush/Game Pass Yds Allow Allow Pass/Game Yds Total Allow Yds Allow/Game Allow Pts Allow Pts/Game
3443 344.3 1089 108.9 4532 453.2 388 38.8


Player Name Number Year Height Weight Position (main)
Austin Cross 11
Matt Jeffries 11
Anthony Krause 12
Spencer Londagin 11
Bill Nixon 12
Ty Phillips 11
Scottie Spicer 11
Jake Spychalski 11
Benny Steffenson 12

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Grove High School Varsity Boys Football

A look back at the best of the 2014 Oklahoma high school football season

Dec 21, 2014
Here’s a look at what our staff considers some of the top games, moments and surprises of the 2014 season.

NewsOK Varsity Podcast: Class 3A championship preview

Dec 18, 2014
Welcome to the NewsOK Varsity podcast with high school writers Scott Wright, Jacob Unruh and Trent Shadid. Each week, the writers will discuss the hot topics across the state in high school sports. You can subscribe to the weekly podcast on iTunes by clicking here. NewsOK Varsity 12-10-14 <—CLICK THERE: Scott Wright, Jacob Unruh and […]

Friday Night Lights: Heritage Hall's Joe Wheeler had a vision quest

Dec 18, 2014
“My dream growing up was to be one of the varsity players out on the field,” Wheeler said. “That was my dream playing football on the sidelines during halftime. To actually score again, it felt awesome.”

High school football: Heritage Hall and Cushing meet for Class 3A state championship — finally

Dec 15, 2014
The week off that both Heritage Hall and Cushing received in the Class 3A playoffs was a little different.

Class 3A state semifinals: Heritage Hall beats Locust Grove in score-a-thon

Dec 12, 2014
Locust Grove’s record-setting offense kept setting records, but Heritage Hall was the team still standing at the end of the night, scoring three fourth-quarter touchdowns for a thrilling 53-42 victory in the Class 3A semifinals. The Chargers will play Cushing for the state championship at 7 p.m. Friday at Stillwater High School.

Upon review, no replay for disputed Oklahoma game

Dec 11, 2014
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The ruling on the field stands: A high school football team from a tiny Oklahoma town is moving on to the state semifinals, having topped an Oklahoma City powerhouse after an improperly enforced penalty with 64 seconds left."There is neither statute nor case law allowing this court discretion to order the replay of a high school football game," Judge Bernard Jones said...

Key points in Judge Bernard Jones' ruling to deny Douglass' injunction request

Dec 11, 2014
Here’s a look at some of the important points made by Oklahoma County District Court Judge Bernard M. Jones in his order to deny the temporary injunction requested by Douglass High School and the Oklahoma City Public Schools to have part or all of its Class 3A playoff game against Locust Grove replayed: “The evidence […]

Oklahoma high school football Week 5 playoff picks

Dec 11, 2014
The Oklahoman’s Scott Wright predicts the score of the Class 2A and A championships and the Class 3A semifinals.

NewsOK Varsity Podcast: Looking at Class 2A, Class A title games

Dec 10, 2014
Welcome to the NewsOK Varsity podcast with high school writers Scott Wright, Jacob Unruh and Trent Shadid. Each week, the writers will discuss the hot topics across the state in high school sports. You can subscribe to the weekly podcast on iTunes by clicking here. NewsOK Varsity 12-10-14 <—CLICK THERE: Scott Wright, Trent Shadid, and […]

It's time for the OSSAA to consider some changes to help officials

Dec 10, 2014
No system will alleviate all issues with officials, but there are some things they could do to improve things.

UPDATE: Douglass football moved off probation, fan banned for life

Dec 10, 2014
If granted the opportunity to replay the controversial Class 3A quarterfinal with Locus Grove, Douglass is now eligible to continue. The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association Board of Directors voted to move the Douglass football program's probation to "warning" status Wednesday morning and accept penalties from Oklahoma City Public Schools regarding a fan punching official Chad...

Court should not intercede in Douglass-Locust Grove

Dec 9, 2014
The hapless officiating crew that called the disputed Douglass-Locust Grove is not alone in its lack of knowledge of the rules. A similar situation occurred in a Kentucky high school game earlier this season, and that crew also didn’t know the rule that a sideline infraction involving non-players is enforced as a dead-ball foul, with […]

A primer on the Douglass-Locust Grove controversy

Dec 9, 2014
The high school football playoffs go to court on Wednesday. Scott Wright and Jacob Unruh break down the key players in the case and take a look at what could come next.

Douglass-Locust Grove controversy discussed on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption

Dec 9, 2014
You know you’ve made it when you make PTI. The Douglass-Locust Grove football controversy hit a new level of national notoriety on Tuesday afternoon when ESPN “Pardon the Interruption” hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon discussed the case in a short segment. The bulk of their debate focused on Oklahoma County District Court getting involved […]

Douglass-Locust Grove controversy: District judge to rule Wednesday afternoon in injunction hearing

Dec 9, 2014
A district judge will offer his ruling on the fate of the Douglass-Locust Grove football controversy that has brewed for nearly two weeks when the court holds an injunction hearing Wednesday afternoon.

ScissorTales: One Oklahoma agency's Christmas wish list

Dec 6, 2014
IT’S that time of year, so any wish list might as well as stretch from cap to stockings and way beyond. This seems to be the thinking of Oklahoma’s Long Range Capital Planning Commission. It recommends that lawmakers approve a $349 million bond issue to address just the “critical” parts of state government’s capital improvements list. The money would cover 53 projects spanning 11 state...

Young men most affected by Oklahoma high school football controversy provide the best persepctive

Dec 5, 2014
YET again, a dispute involving a high school sporting event in Oklahoma is being decided in a courtroom. This is growing tiresome — and in the latest case, so is the behavior of the adults involved. Nine years ago, the Class 5A football playoffs were delayed for three weeks while Shawnee High School argued that a player who had been ejected for kicking an opponent should be allowed to play...

Douglass-Locust Grove: Will officiating shortage get even worse?

Dec 5, 2014
We don’t attack many root problems in America. We treat the symptoms, not the disease. So let’s discuss the core problem in the now-infamous Douglass-Locust Grove game. It’s not the OSSAA. It’s not Douglass’ behavior. It’s not Locust Grove’s lack of honor. It’s the shortage of quality officiating across America on the high school and […]

Douglass-Locust Grove: Judge grants restraining order to postpone Locust Grove-Heritage Hall 3A semifinal

Dec 4, 2014
An Oklahoma County District Court judge issued a temporary restraining order on Thursday that will prevent the Locust Grove-Heritage Hall Class 3A semifinal game from being played Friday night.

Douglass-Locust Grove: Oklahoma City Public Schools files injunction; hearing scheduled Thursday

Dec 4, 2014
Oklahoma County District Court has scheduled a hearing at 3:30 p.m. Thursday on the injunction filed on behalf of the Douglass football team seeking the opportunity to replay its Class 3A playoff game against Locust Grove. By a vote of 8-3, the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association denied Douglass’ appeal to have its controversial quarterfinal game replayed at a special board meeting...

1961: We've seen the Locust Grove-Douglass flap before

Dec 4, 2014
The Douglass-Locust Grove flap now moves where it never should go — the courthouse. Oklahoma City Public Schools seek an injunction requiring the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association to replay the final 65 seconds of the game, which Locust Grove won 20-19 after Douglass’ touchdown with 1:05 left was wiped out by incorrect enforcement of […]

NewsOK Varsity podcast: Previewing championship games

Dec 4, 2014
Welcome to the NewsOK Varsity podcast with high school writers Scott Wright, Jacob Unruh and Trent Shadid. Each week, the writers will discuss the hot topics across the state in high school sports. You can subscribe to the weekly podcast on iTunes by clicking here. NewsOK Varsity 12-2-14 <—CLICK THERE: Scott Wright and Jacob Unruh […]

High school football: Locust Grove quarterback Mason Fine is Oklahoma Gatorade Player of the Year

Dec 4, 2014
The junior has set two state single-season passing records, with the Pirates still alive in the Class 3A playoffs. He currently has 4,445 passing yards and 65 touchdowns this season, becoming the first player in state history to surpass the 4,000-yard mark or throw 60 touchdowns in a season.

OKC leaders say bias played role in Douglass-Locust Grove football game

Dec 3, 2014
State Senator Anastasia Pittman held a news conference Wednesday morning to address Douglass High School’s appeal of its Class 3A quarterfinal loss to Locust Grove. Douglass and Oklahoma City Public Schools has asked that the final minute and 4 seconds of the game be replayed after a sideline-infraction penalty was erroneously applied. Their case will be heard in a special meeting of the...

Locust Grove football: Locust Grove in wait-and-see mode

Dec 3, 2014
Locust Grove football coach Matt Hennesy still knew they have to sit and wait to see what happens next, which includes the possibility that the top-ranked Pirates might not play No. 2 Heritage Hall in Friday’s Class 3A semifinal at Sapulpa due to OKCPS likely filing for a legal injunction that could halt the playoffs.

Douglass High School will seek legal action after appeal is denied

Dec 3, 2014
The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association an appeal by Douglass to have the final 64 seconds of the controversial Class 3A quarterfinal game replayed.

OSSAA football officials are at best inept and at worst racist

Dec 3, 2014
I’ve watched Oklahoma high school football for more than 30 years. To watch the unfair treatment of Douglass High School these past two years has been painful. We want these kids to respect authority, but those who are in authority don’t respect the kids. I was at the Doug-lass game last season against Poteau and the game on Friday against Locust Grove. It’s apparent the officials are at best...

Douglass-Locust Grove saga: Locust Grove player says 'it's unfortunate for everybody involved'

Dec 2, 2014
FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS — Locust Grove football player says the Pirates are trying to block out the controversy and prepare for whatever is next, including ‘if they made us come back and play the final minute’

Douglass-Locust Grove: OSSAA board has overruled its staff in two high-profile playoff appeals

Dec 2, 2014
FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS — Guthrie football and Wright City baseball were successful in their appeals to the OSSAA board that will rule on the Douglass-Locust Grove saga Wednesday. Here’s a look at those cases.

More state lawmakers voice support of Douglass

Dec 2, 2014
State legislator Bobby Cleveland has been at the forefront of the legislature’s investigation into the OSSAA, and now he has joined the group of lawmakers showing support for the Douglass football team, along with a few other state representatives. Here is the news release from a group of state legislators Tuesday afternoon: A bipartisan group of […]