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Video of the Day: Lily Allen returns with "Hard Out Here" (viewer discretion is advised)

George Lang Published: November 12, 2013

It’s been four years since Lily Allen released her second album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” and it’s frankly kind of amazing that, after this long interregnum in which Allen quit the music business, got married, became a mother, rejoined the music business, changed her professional name to Lily Rose Cooper and changed her name back to Lily Allen, she would return shortly after StaticBlog ramps back up in full swing. So here is Lily Allen, back in all her glory, with “Hard Out Here,” the first single from her forthcoming and still-untitled “mumback” album. No date set, but whatever it is, it’s now an official holiday.

The Greg Kurstin-produced “Hard Out Here” is full-tilt AutoTune pop rendered with Allen’s characteristic skill for lyrics and her similarly characteristic lack of filter. People with sensitive constitutions and virginal ears and a general desire to not watch things containing provocative imagery should avoid watching this video — there’s a pointed satire on Robin Thicke that will probably be irksome to people who have problems with confrontational imagery. So I’m merely linking to the video here having told all of you that it’s NSFW unless you “W” in a really lax place.

Welcome back, St. Lily of StaticBlog.

George Lang