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Washington Examiner: Federal court delivers a blow to one Obamacare mandate

Published: December 12, 2012

“The [rule] was announced nearly 10 months ago,” Cogan wrote. “In that time, the Departments have had ample opportunity to enact a meaningful change to the Coverage Mandate. The fact that they have not further suggests the likelihood of injuries to plaintiffs.”

And suffer injuries the religious plaintiffs have. As Cogan noted, “Plaintiffs here have demonstrated how enormous changes to their plans required by the Coverage Mandate currently exacerbate their preparation costs. They have also demonstrated that the imminent operation of the Coverage Mandate has already caused them to divert funds from their ministries.”

Unfortunately, diverting funds from ministries may be exactly what Obama wants. One of the major goals of the progressive movement is to replace all voluntary coordination between free individuals — especially faith-based organizations — with the coercive power of the state. Obamacare, with all its individual and employer mandates, is a significant advance toward this goal.

The Supreme Court may have declined to repeal Obamacare in its entirety this past summer, but the law includes so many infringements on constitutionally protected liberties that lower courts will be striking down bits and pieces of it for years to come.

— The Washington Examiner