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Washington Examiner: With Pelosi as leader, House Democrats will remain in minority

Oklahoman Published: November 19, 2012

Where Blue Dogs haven't been voted out of office in favor of more moderate Republicans, they have lost primaries to more liberal Democrats. Commentators focus on the tea party, but they're missing the same story on the other side of the aisle. Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif., for example, was heavily outspent by the far more liberal incoming Rep. Gloria McLeod. Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did not lift a finger to help Baca.

It's not as if the DCCC didn't have any resources. According to the latest Federal Election Committee reports, the DCCC raised $152 million this election cycle, $25 million more than the National Republican Congressional Committee. And that is the real reason House Democrats kept Pelosi as leader: Liberals are addicted to her money-raising talent. Pelosi personally raised more than $85 million for other Democrats all by herself just this cycle. Over the last decade, she has raised more than $300 million.

But when you take her money, it comes at a price. Her brand of unrepentant big-government liberalism may be popular in her San Francisco district, in the Bluest part of Blue California, but it doesn't sell in the rest of the country. Until Democrats go with a more moderate leader, they will remain united, but they will never be a majority.

— The Washington Examiner

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