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Washington Times: Leadership styles offer greatest contrast between Romney, Obama foreign policy briefs

Published: October 10, 2012

The most important difference between the two men is not in the details of their policy briefs but in their leadership styles. Romney wants to return the United States to leading from the front rather than from behind. On this, they could not be more distinct. Romney is assertive, while Obama is passive. Romney seeks to engage the hard issues, Obama would rather let them be. Romney will promote American interests, not try to become a global community organizer. Like Ronald Reagan, Romney will never receive the accolades of the leftist peace establishment, but as Obama proved, winning a Nobel Peace Prize means absolutely nothing if the recipient is not up to the task.

Romney has a very different view of the role and effectiveness of American global influence. Zakaria said while critiquing the Republican nominee's views on the Arab Spring, “We're bystanders. We're well-wishers. There isn't much we can do.” This fatalistic statement accurately sums up Obama's approach to foreign policy, but is the exact opposite of Romney's. It tells Americans all they need to know about why the world is in such terrible shape today.

— The Washington Times


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