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WATCH: Andre Iguodala with the killer crossover on Nuggets' Quincy Miller

staff reports Published: April 11, 2014

What is it about the Denver Nuggets and getting crossed up?

First it was Kevin Durant putting the double-okie-doke on Darrell Arthur a few weeks ago. Then it was Golden State Warriors guard Andre Iguodala breaking Quincy Miller in half Thursday night with the crossover of the year.

The difference? Durant finished his sick double crossover with the basket and the foul. Iguodala put another Nugget to shame, but didn't make the bucket.

Oh, and the Thunder won that game in March. The Warriors, on the other hand, lost 100-99 on a turnaround hook shot from Kenneth Faried with a half-second remaining.

Oh well. All anyone will remember is the crossover.

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