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The B.C. Clark Christmas jingle has become a well-loved holiday tradition. Oklahomans recognize the B.C. Clark Christmas jingle as the start of the holiday season, and now you can spread Christmas cheer by downloading it to your own cell phone!
Your cell phone must have these three things activated:
- Text messaging
- Web access
- E-mail access
Please contact your carrier for these services.

If you know your cell phone email address, enter it here:

If you do not know your cell phone email address, complete this portion:

Area CodeCell Phone NumberSelect Provider

Will this work on my phone?

  • You need text messaging, E-mail capability and web access from your cell phone in order to download the B.C. Clark ringtone.
  • Virtually all carriers have an E-mail address associated with each cell phone number. Some carriers require an additional charge to use this E-mail address. If you are not sure about this feature you should contact your carrier for details.
  • When you sign up with the form on the left, a text message will be sent to your phone. Click on the URL in the text message to access the web-based page that lists all the ringtone formats we offer.
  • You will see a number of ringtones for B.C. Clark once you access the web page with your phone. Most current cell phones are capable of downloading ringtones in various formats. Your specific phone and the type of ringtone it can download can be found on your carrier's website or by contacting your carrier directly.