Fashion Matters


Welcome sun ... and colorful clothes, accessories

Linda Miller Published: February 18, 2014

This  stretch of sun and warmer temperatures has me yearning for spring clothes. Since it’s a bit early, I’m resisting lighter weight clothes and reaching for color. I tend to wear color in smaller doses, so I pulled out my bright yellow cross-body  bag and slipped on a new pair of Radiant Orchid earrings.

Radiant Orchid is Pantone Color Institute’s “it” color for 2014, and I’m starting to see more and more of it. Not only is it all over the Olympics, I have seen countless men on television sporting orchid or purple ties.

If you, too, are ready for more color, here are Pantone’s top picks for spring:

 PANTONE 15-3920 Placid Blue
PANTONE 16-3823 Violet Tulip
PANTONE 15-6114 Hemlock
PANTONE 16-0000 Paloma
PANTONE 15-1225 Sand
PANTONE 14-0852 Freesia
PANTONE 18-1651 Cayenne
PANTONE 17-1360 Celosia Orange
PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid
PANTONE 18-3949 Dazzling Blue