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Welcome to my world: Mark Arcobello, Barons right wing

BY SCOTT MUNN, Assistant Sports Editor, Published: October 6, 2011

* Do you know who Joe Burton is?


* He had about 500 goals while playing for the Blazers.

“I'd say he had some pretty good years.”

* Have any bookmarks on your computer?

“AHL,, both of those. Facebook, Twitter. Social media — I can look at that stuff for hours. Other than that, whatever I fall on.”

* What did you know about Oklahoma City before your first promotion last season?”

“I knew it would be a little warmer than back home. But other than that, I guess when you hear about Oklahoma, you think about football, cowboys and horses. You only know what you read and hear.”

* Are you a football fan?

“Oh, yeah. I love watching college football, NFL. I think as long as OU stays unbeaten that they'll be all right (in national title picture). I watched the Dallas Cowboys the other night. I have Tony Romo on my fantasy team. I wasn't sure if I should start him or not, because he has that rib injury. I didn't know if he was going to be able to perform. So I went with (Donovan) McNabb — I think he maybe got me 10 points.”

* Who else do you have on your fantasy team?

“I have (Matt) Forte, (Robert) Meachem, (Chris) Johnson — he hasn't done anything for me yet, so I'm a little upset there. I have Greg Olsen at tight end. But I'm 0-3. I'm brutal.”

* What kind of hockey memorabilia do have?

“I've got an autographed Mark Messier card. I collected hockey cards, obviously, as a young hockey player. I used to have an autographed hat from the (Hartford) Whalers, which is pretty cool. That stuff is still back home, probably in the attic or something.”