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Western Heights' James Lewis looking forward to playing Deer Creek

Western Heights quarterback considers Antlers a rival.
by Ed Godfrey Published: August 25, 2012

What game do you look forward to the most on your schedule and why?

Deer Creek. They are one of the best in our conference and I say they are our rival. I never liked Deer Creek.

What has been your favorite moment thus far while playing high school football?

I never really played varsity football before. I played junior varsity last year as a freshman. My best football moment was when we played against Noble and we shut them out 42-0 and I threw for three touchdown passes and rushed for one.

Who is your sports hero and why?

Tim Tebow because he is a great leader and he never let the critics get in his head. He is a hard worker and a great athlete.

What is the football drill that you hate the most and why?

There is this thing called gassers that coaches have us do. We do that as a conditioning drill. We go from one sideline to the other and back. That's one. We will do four or five of those after practice. It's pretty tough.

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