WH on dog meat story: Romney in 'doghouse'

Associated Press Published: April 19, 2012

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dismissed the story of President Obama eating dog meat as a child, but suggested that Mitt Romney's campaign is in "the doghouse."

"Making a big deal out of it sounds like someone whose trying to get out of the doghouse on something," Carney joked during the press briefing today. Mitt Romney's top campaign aide, Eric Fehrnstrom, tweaked his counterpart on Obama's team after reporters noticed that Obama wrote about trying dog meat in his first book, Dreams of my Father. The Obama camp had previously faulted Romney for transporting his dog in a crate on the roof of his car.

"He may know about it, I don't know more than that," Carney said of the back-and-forth between Fehrnstrom and Axelrod. "I think were talking about a reference in this book to a period when he was six or seven years old."

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