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What are you putting above your marriage?

Are you giving your marriage the best you have to offer, or are you letting other interests squeeze your spouse out of your life?
Heather Hale, FamilyShare Modified: June 5, 2014 at 6:55 am •  Published: June 9, 2014

Think back to when you started dating your spouse. When everything is new and exciting, we give the best of our time, energy, and talents into developing our relationships. Fast forward a few years — are you still giving your marriage your all? Chances are, between the wedding day and today, some things have started to slide. If you're looking to divorce-proof your marriage, you're going to have to give it all you've got, and that means putting your marriage first.

It's easy to put other priorities above our marriage, so easy, in fact, that we often don't realize we're doing it. However, if you find yourself bickering more often and seeing eye-to-eye less and less, you've probably let something come between you and your spouse. Here are some common concerns that push your marriage out of the forefront of your mind.


We need to make money to survive, that's a given. However, when we put money before marriage, our relationships suffer. Putting in excessive hours at the office can leave your spouse feeling neglected and relegated to second place in your life. Before you commit to take on extra responsibilities, evaluate whether increased work pressure is worth the strain it will put on your marriage.

If you can't get away from the office more, look for ways to ease the burden at home. Vow not to take work problems out on your family, and allow yourself enough time to decompress after the day. Bringing work problems home adds to marital discord.


Whether we're doting parents or devoted children, it's all too easy to let family obligations supersede our obligation to our spouse. Mothers are especially susceptible to forgetting their husband in favor of motherhood, a move which can leave Dad feeling alone and forgotten. Your spouse needs to come before the kids, and he deserves your time, attention, and affection. Remember that, after the kids are grown and gone, your spouse will still remain.

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