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What does God do?

BY CAREY KINSOLVING Modified: August 13, 2012 at 12:36 pm •  Published: August 13, 2012

"God does almost everything," says Caleb, 10. "He watches us while we're asleep, and he watches us in the day, too. He never sleeps, and he never gets hurt. But the most important thing is he never lets us down."

Caleb, thanks for assuring us that God never falls down or lets us down.

One of the items on a list of God's activities compiled by Hannah, 9, might surprise you: "God teaches, performs miracles, creates, keeps the devil away from us, loves, gives, saves and speaks. God and angels bowl, and then God rests."

Bowling? Hannah, I've never thought of bowling as a heavenly activity, but who can say? Are you telling me that when I was awakened by thunder this morning, it could have been a celestial bowling tournament?

According to Tiffany, 10, angels may not have time for bowling: "God sends guardian angels to watch over us. God tells us what's right and what's wrong. He also protects us. Most of all, he loves us."

"God creates us in an amazing way! He makes us from cells about the size of a typed period and creates everything to work as we grow," says Marci, 9. "He makes us from that tiny cell to a person 5- or 6-feet tall."

Making us from something as small as a typed period truly is amazing. The problem is that some people act like periods. They close the door to any possibility of a relationship with God.

God can turn periods into exclamation marks by imparting spiritual life to people, says Brittney, 10. "God sent his only begotten son to the earth to die on the cross for us and to save us from the sins we have done. When we need to talk to God, stop, and he will let you into heaven if you believe in Jesus Christ."

Not only has God made a way for us to live with him forever, he is "making something in heaven that the eye has never seen and the ear has never heard," says Cory, 10.

"God does a whole lot in heaven."

Undoubtedly, God's preparations for his children are unimaginable, but his reservation system is unique because he knows exactly when his guests will arrive, says Will, 10: "God watches over us and controls everything. He protects us when he needs to protect us. He will let us die when he thinks it's time for us to die."

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