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What police found
Warrant yields clues in boy's death ...

By Nolan Clay and Diana Baldwin Published: August 17, 2007
uot;Ms. Stewart also stated that when she found Declan, he was lying on his back and his feet were inside the clothes hamper he was allegedly standing on prior to losing his balance and falling.”

Declan's other wounds
Police also are questioning the mother's and boyfriend's accounts because a medical examiner's chief investigator said more blood should have been on the carpet where the boy was found, "based on the depth of the laceration.”

The detective reported the boy also had three tears to his large intestine, severe hemorrhaging in his pancreas, bruising on his upper left arm, both his inner knees and upper back, and a large skull fracture that ran from the base of his skull to the top. Records on the search were filed Thursday in Oklahoma County District Court.

Stewart, 29, and Clancy, 30, could not be reached for comment.

History with DHS
The boy was removed from his mother's care last year after he was abused, according to confidential records from the Department of Human Services. An Oklahoma County special judge allowed the boy to be returned last month after the mother completed a treatment plan, sources have told The Oklahoman. The judge, Roger Stuart, declined comment Thursday.

The DHS records also show the mother claimed she left Declan with her boyfriend Saturday and found the boy hurt when she returned. Clancy's three daughters were placed in protective custody after the boy's death, the DHS records show.

Contributing: Jay F. Marks, Staff Writer

Affidavit for search warrant

Declan Stewart
Here is what Edmond police reported was seized

from a house where a boy was fatally injured:

•Blue booties from garbage trash.

•Bedding, mattresses and bed rail from victim's bed.

•In dryer, four blue towels, two blue washcloths, pink/white towel, yellow washcloth, blue/white dish towel, two blue/green/white/purple striped towels and white/green/yellow washcloth.

•From top of dryer, white/blue striped small pillow, blue towel, white towel, white washcloth, white hand towel, white/green/blue dish towel, blue pillow case, two white pillow cases, white/green dish towel, blue bandana, blue washcloth and blue hand towel.

•Two swabs from above closet door in victim's bedroom.

•Two swabs from master bathroom tile.

•Carpet from victim's bedroom with suspected bloodstains.


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