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What the winners are saying about the Oklahoma City Barons' car giveaways

People who have won cars at Oklahoma City Barons games share their stories about their cars and the attention the vehicles attract.
Oklahoman Published: April 4, 2014

“One time as I was leaving Walmart, there were a couple of kids in the back of my truck. The mother explained they were just taking pictures and hope I didn’t mind.” — Jack Mitchell, who won a fully loaded GMC Sierra extended bed truck.

“I’ve had people run alongside the road and try to take pictures of it as we’re driving down the highway. Others will roll down their windows and take pictures as we drive by.” — Cynthia Hughes, who won a Jeep Wrangler.

“I still have my Honda Pilot. I use my Barons Dodge Charger as my fun car. I never take it out in bad weather because I’d never want to wreck it.” — Amy Hard, who won a Dodge Charger.

“The TV stations really play it up when someone hits a half-court shot and wins $20,000 at a Thunder game, but I won a $40,000 car and no one ever put me on TV. That’s what is really sad. It’s a good product, the hockey, and this is such a unique promotion.” — Steve England, who drives the Jeep Cherokee his wife won.

“I’m not a big hockey fan. My wife (Brandi) and my father-in-law (Scott Schmidt) are big hockey fans and have season tickets. Since my wife drove it I could watch others react. Every time we drove past people, they almost always look, do a double take.” — Asberg “Oz” Mahanti, who won a Ford Fiesta on April 6, 2013, but the car was totaled six weeks later.

“It’s hilarious when people from work and other people I know tell me, ‘You’ve got to give me a ride.’ It’s definitely a head-turner. As you’re driving down the road people stop and turn and look at it almost every time.” — Amy Hard.